Saturday, August 30, 2008

Foo rock


The Foo Fighters show was something last night. A perfect way to end the summer. Loud and powerful rock music to blast the night away. Easily the best show I have seen all summer. Plus I thought the FFMC- Foo Fighters Motorcycle Club- "banner" was a nice touch on both sides of the stage.

The show was nothing but straight forward rock from the get go. Kicking it off with All My Life and the teaser guitar intro was good. Breakout and Learn to Fly followed. The crowd ate every bit of it up. I did like the part of Hocus Pocus they played. It was nice filler though the people by me had no idea what it was.

One other thing about the show was the drummer. He was phenomenal! I haven't seen anyone with that kind of energy and speed bang away for a long time. I think he stole the show.

It felt like Summerfest out there. People walking around drinking beers by the lake, casually paying attention to the opening band, Three Days Grace. It was a perfect night to catch a concert.

Afterwards we took a walk down Brady Street. Organized chaos was the description. Any time you can block off a street, have open intoxicants readily available, and let people walk all over the place you will have a good time.


Reenner said...

Were you there when the cab driver did a burner tothe delight of the crownd and the cops! LOL Very funny.

J. Gambino said...

Glad you had fun. You'll need to let me know if the wrist bands were worth it.