Monday, September 22, 2008

How 'bout them Cowboys!

Just got back into town after the weekend in Green Bay. I am beat. I haven't slept for the past two days. It was like I was in Vegas. Up early on Sunday and in a bar with a beer in front of me. Choke it down to feel better, have another and hit my stride. 13 hours later, after the Cowboys victory of the Packers, I had my last beer and called it a day. Pretty much had to as everyone was either going home or moping that the Packers lost.

There were a couple things that had my mind buzzing at Lambeau. First, Packer fans are just like fans of any other team. They aren't as special as they would like to believe. They can be as obnoxious, crude, and lewd as anyone else. And that is the just the women. The best most of the men there could do was a simple rhyme with Tony Romo's name. This about a guy who is with a hot blonde.

Thankfully not all people were major pricks like the people behind me. By the fourth quarter they had shut up as they began to know the Packers were going to lose. The people in front of us were all class. Especially the tiny blonde girl. I just wish her father wasn't sitting next to her.

I have the game recorded so I will be able to enjoy that later today. I want to see if they show the fan leaving the game with 9 minutes to go. After the Cowboys scored the touchdown a lot of people started to leave. With 4 minutes left a quarter of the stadium had emptied out. End of game you saw mainly blue and white shirts. Oh, I forgot to mention that part. The number of Cowboys fans in attendance was phenomenal. I had been at the last two games in Green Bay and the number of Dallas fans in attendance wasn't particularly noticeable. With few tickets made available for visiting teams and the rest going to season ticket holders, a visiting team cannot get much of a crowd to support them at Lambeau Field. That changed last night. I would guess that 15%-maybe even 20%- of the crowd was there to watch the Cowboys. It could be seen on the streets, in the bars, and in the tailgate parties. And finally inside the stadium. Maybe that was all it took to finally win up there.

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OMW said...

you also think she's a "HOT BLONDE"??????
I haven't had sex in years and I WOULD NOT DO HER.

I guess I'm too picky.