Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cat rape

I felt pretty tired when I woke up this morning. I didn’t get much sleep this weekend. When you share a room with a couple of guys that snore that loud, you will be lucky to get 4 hours of shuteye if even. It sounded like someone was gutting a live wild boar in the room. The sounds coming from the other side of the room were not just loud but varying. You had no clue what the next loud noise would be. I still believe one of us should have smothered him so we could get some sleep.

With a day off, I made plans to take the cat into the vet. He is on a special diet because of some surgery he had years ago. In order for him to get the prescription food he must be examined every couple of years. Or 6 in this case. The vet looked him over and gave me the bad news. He has a heart murmur and needs to have his teeth cleaned. He also may have early stages of diabetes or kidney disease. They wouldn’t know unless he had blood drawn and his urine analyzed. I gave the go ahead and they took him into a back room to pull the liquids out of him.

I stayed behind in the exam room wondering why I would stay here and not go back to the lobby. I already had to wait 15 minutes in this room for the vet to come in to look at the cat. As I did I heard both a dog and cat wailing from another room. Soon my cat would be doing the same. I would think they would have you go somewhere so you wouldn’t hear the discomfort of your pet. At first I wanted to know how they would get a urine sample but after all that noise I rather not.

They gave me a carrier to borrow to transport him home. That was one pissed off pussy! He wanted blood and was mad he couldn’t get revenge on someone. Thankfully he calmed down on the ride home and relaxed once he back in a familiar area. That may be why he woke me up at 4 this morning, towering over me, feeling some power for once.

I should know what is up with the cat later today and then whether I can bring him in to have those teeth cleaned. Part of the reasoning for the tests was to make sure that if they put him under, that he will wake up again. I figure everything will be alright. The cat is a trooper.


J. Gambino said...

My sympathies to poor Pumpkin. It is not fun when you are getting poked and prodded by doctors. Hopefully he peed on the vet. Good luck in the results.

AletaR said...

Poor Pumpkin! Not that your aren't already, but make sure to be extra nice to him. He's been through some hell.

Hey Jo said...

Now you know what I go thru each night.... I had a wondeful time sleeping this past weekend with him gone. It was great to sleep thru the night.

StB said...

Actually, he did pee all over the table. I was given that tidbit by the vet yesterday.

BamBam said...

Good Luck Pumpkin !