Saturday, September 27, 2008

Letter to a Mets fan

I know of your devotion to the New York Mets and your passion for baseball. Finding ways to catch the game online or making the trip out to New York to catch one last game at Shea Stadium is admirable. You are a true fan.

I know of the pain you are going through. My love for the Milwaukee Brewers is just as strong. I have felt the jubilation and the heartache that this season has brought already. With 2 games to go, there will be more.

So, can you get your guys to lay down today and tomorrow? It has been 26 years since the baseball fans in Milwaukee have had games in the end of September mean anything. Been 26 years since we had a chance to play in October. Been 26 years since we could even think of saying "magic number". That is a long time so I am asking on behalf of the fans in Milwaukee to give us a shot. Our team will look different next year so this is all we have. The Mets will spend the money next year at the new stadium so they will likely be back in contention. We are not as sure about that here in the Midwest.

Right now the Brewers control their own destiny. That is pretty scary for us fans. Especially with those f@#&%*g Cubs in town. So you see why I am asking for a little help.

Sure both teams have played like crap in September but we are hoping we can continue our hot streak and make some noise if we make the playoffs. You know the saying, Ya Gotta Believe. Or as some in Milwaukee are trying to say, Ya Gotta Brew-ieve.

So what do you say? Let us have one, ok? Let us Brew-ieve. I'll buy you a beer or two in Vegas come December. Deal?



alan said...

I wish I had that much control over the team. But don't worry, they'll find a way to blow it tomorrow without my help.

alan said...

See,nothing to worry about.

Ryan M Pfister said...
I'm the creator of them, and hope we can keep selling them for 3 more weeks!