Friday, September 26, 2008


I feel out of place today. Empty. Lonely. I should be some where else.

I feel this gravitational pull from the East. Strangely enough, it is like my liver is being yanked from my body towards the coast.

Other commitments prevented me from traveling to Philly and Al's Bash. It would have been nice to go- I even considered a last minute flight- but I can't. More important events wait at home.

I can feel like I am attending with a dial-a-shot or two but it won't be the same. sigh

I will be getting older next week. My gift to myself is a trip to New Orleans in November. Booze, Bourbon Street, Gambling and Saints football are on tap. Should be a good time. I am slowly getting excited about it.

Though I won't be at a bar outside of Philly this weekend I will most likely spend quite some time in a bar. Badgers and Brewers are on at 2:30 on Saturday. That could lead to a problem as I need to be at the lakefront very early on Sunday for the Boob Walk. People, it is not too plate to donate money to breast cancer. Please support my friend Gambino and give today.

I thought I had something else to say. That empty feeling has taken over again. Maybe I can slip out at lunch and down a Guinness or two.

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