Friday, September 05, 2008


I stepped outside into the rain en route to my garage. It wasn’t raining hard but it was pretty steady. I looked at my lawn as I walked to my car. It needed the rain. Bad. I looked again and couldn’t help but think it was taller than it had been not 24 hours earlier.

When I got home from work it was still raining. I looked at the grass again and thought it looked greener even though the sky was murky. Damn grass is guzzling down this rain like me drinking beer during a football game.

My lawn was beat up and was in desperate need of water. I have to admit I do not take good care of it. When I bought my house I make a mental decision that I probably live there for about 10 years or so and move on. I considered this a “starter” lawn. One that wouldn’t require a lot of attention. No need to fertilize or rake. It will survive on its own.

Those 10 years have come and gone. My attitude towards the lawn is only now beginning to change. I even thought of watering it last week. Guess it is time to do more than pull the mower out and walk on it for 15 minutes every other week.

Of course I won’t consider cutting the grass this weekend. Lord Football returns and I will be way too busy catching some Badger football on Saturday and Cowboys football on Sunday. The only grass I will pay attention to is what the players are running on.

I am quite pleased to see my calendar is pretty much open for a Friday. Just a couple of minor tasks to take care of. Nothing hairy. I may even be able to slip out a bit early today.

I am looking forward to the new HBO series Blood Lust. Supposedly it isn't just another vampire show but one that attempts to be funny as well. There hasn't been many news shows on lately that have been worth mentioning. The only other show that I found that is much see television is BBC America's Skins. Any show that feels the need to dub in the words for some of the hard to understand British dialect works for me. Plus they poke fun at mere fact that they will need to dub in those words.

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