Monday, September 08, 2008


Victory. Glorious victory. It doesn't get any better than having your football team win on a Sunday afternoon. Sunday evenings are happy and watching NFL highlights more fun and exciting. It makes a Monday easier to work with and enjoyable to rip through the newspapers, gobbling up every game bit and analysis from the local writers. It fends off the haters that suddenly are talking to you about a loss even though they hadn't said boo to you in weeks.

America's Team was on front and center for the world to see yesterday. They did not disappoint. The line gave Tony Romo all weekend to throw the ball. No one got near him until the 3rd quarter. Have to give major credit to the Barbarian for picking up those blitzes. Romo did his job by connecting to the receivers at will.

The defense did a good job as well. They had some shaky spots with penalties but they held the Browns to just 205 yards of total offense, not a easy feat to accomplish on a hostile field. Personally I would like to see them play better against the run but I will take a W.

Other football thoughts:
  • Favre's debut with the Jets was interesting. Toss the ball up and hope your guy brings it down.
  • Carolina with a miraculous and thrilling last play win over San Diego. Huge win for them on the road.
  • Upset in Tennessee. Jax looked bad.
  • Upset in Indy! Bears looked good.
  • Close to an upset in New England. It would have been sweet to see the Chiefs win and everyone who took the Pats in their survivor pool out.
  • Pittsburgh walking on the Texans. I had Pitt in my survivor pool.
  • Philly clobbering the Rams. I didn't watch any part of the game but the highlights made it look like they were playing a pee wee team. Hopefully the bEagles have shot their load and come down for the Cowboys on Monday night.

On Saturday I headed over to a friend's house to catch the UFC fights. I thought the card lived up to expectations. Evans' KO of Liddell was amazing. The Franklin fight was good as was the rest of the card. Will have to do this again come October.

One thing I found interesting was the comments I heard from a couple of people. I haven't hung out with the friends in a while. Lives diverge as people get married, start families, etc. Thus it was good to reconnect with them. The thing that had me thinking was they kept saying "Don't be a stranger." I am the one that reached out to my buddy about getting together on Saturday. Shouldn't I be the one to make the comment? If they don't want me to be a stranger then they should call me and seek my participation in whatever they are doing. Am I wrong?

It isn't a big deal. It just seems like a Seinfeld bit. At the very least it would be funnier than the creepy commercial he has with Bill Gate for Microsoft. Yeesh!

Speaking of commercials, Southwest Airlines had a great one on Sunday. The two faced counter person was fantastic mainly because of the guy's reaction. Even better was the Tony Romo/Pepsi commercial. I like how he just swats the Eagles defender away like a gnat. Plus the twist is pretty good, but what is with the cheesy smile at the very end?


BamBam said...

Well NightRanger......

I've been stopping by here for some time now, and I just have to wonder how this hasn't been put into the rotation yet?

Seems perfect to me!


J. Gambino said...
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J. Gambino said...

Maybe his cheesy smile is him thinking of what Jessica would do if he really was doubled in size!

StB said...

Actually Bam I did have it up a month or two ago. Not sure why I haven't added it to the rotation. Will have to do so.

You in Vegas in December? I may have a gift for you.

BamBam said...

WBPT in December is currently 50/50 right on the nose.

More later.

OMW said...

"Don't be a stranger"
I LOVE that comment. It is such an easy way out.