Monday, September 29, 2008

Still taking it all in.

It is amazing how the Brewers making the playoffs can take away the sting of a crappy football weekend.

Brewers making the playoffs. That is fun to type. Brewers making the playoffs. Last time they did, a "blog" wasn't even a thought in someone's mind.

It feels good knowing this season didn't go to a total waste. It has been a real roller coast ride. The highs and lows have been something. But now it is a new game. A game they can possibly win.

Let's be truthful here. The Milwaukee Brewers played like total shit in September. They got in because they were just a bit better than the Mets this month. Just a bit better.

They couldn't hit to save their lives. It was the elixir known at the Pittsburgh Pirates that salvaged the season. Even with the Cubs giving some young guys some playing time it still took until the last game to pull it off.

But the playoffs begin October 1. September will be history. That is why the Brewers can win. I compare it to April and May. The Brew Crew usually gets off to a good start in April and then struggle mightily in May. They can do the same here in the fall. A new month to turn it all around.

They have a good starting lineup. The pen has been shaky but they did the job over the last week. What the Brewers really need is for the bats to come alive again. They need to hit like they did most of the season. If they do, they can beat the Phillies. If not it could be a quick post season.

Either which way, it is nice to finally have the baseball playoffs back in town. Now I just need to score me a ticket!

One other thing. Wild card t-shirts? Really? Winning the division is one thing. Winning the NL pennant is a bigger thing. But to buy shirts screaming we squeaked in? That is weak. I won't be buying one of them.

One other thing. Did anyone catch David Blaine's craptacular stunt? I saw the last 5 minutes and was laughing my ass off. Well, Triumph the Insult Dog wasn't impressed either.


AletaR said...

Wow...and I made a special trip to Kohls last night to get you a shirt. Guess you won't be wanting that birthday gift!

OMW said...

"They got in because they wer just a bit better".
NO-they got in because they wer just a bit luckier.
1st round and out.

StB said...

Get the context correct. They were just a bit better this month. Not luckier, just better this month.

I would suggest you do not sit by me during a game. You could get uglier.