Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a day

It has been a rough day. I feel like I have been hit by a Mack truck. In fact, the day kinda started with me looking like I got hit by a truck. When I woke up my left eye was partially swollen shut. It was of my own doing from the night before.

On Sunday I felt some irritation in my left eye. I figured it would go away in a day. By Tuesday night, the irritation was still there. So being the bright guy I am, I started to poke at the area, rub the eyelid, and pinch the sides thinking maybe I clogged up a tear duct or lodged some eye crust from sleeping into a spot that causing the irritation and could knock it out. My reward was a partially swollen eye. Nice!

The eye bothered me for a good portion of the morning, tearing up and itching. I did my best not to rub it but to gently wipe with a tissue. By lunch the swelling was pretty much gone. That was good because I had to do a training with some new hires in the afternoon. My morning was crunched by meetings and memos. My afternoon became one problem after another. Before I knew it I was on the phone clearing up the last mess and noticing I should have left 15 minutes ago.

Upon arriving home I began to detect my water leak in the basement a bit further. I was hoping the issue was going to be rather simple and relate to a leak on the roof with water coming down the sewer vent and eventually down the pipe in the basement. No such luck. Instead when I crawled into the hotter than hell attic I noticed a different problem. A piece of wood have fallen exposing the shingles. Back to two issues with the house. After playing around with the plumbing fixtures upstairs I came to realize the leak is exactly where I feared it might be. Behind a wall somewhere upstairs. I am still hoping it is at a main junction which means just a smaller cost. Either which way, I am still hosed.

So now I figure the best thing to do is finish eating and go to the bar. Beer can solve my problems for now.

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