Thursday, September 18, 2008

I need the weekend

It was another hectic day. At least my eye is seems to be getting better. I guess that will happen when you don't take the medical skills you learned from watching M*A*S*H and think you can cure yourself with some poking and rubbing. Poking and rubbing can be fun but not with an eyeball.

I get a slight break from work tomorrow. Slight as in I am working from home as the plumber rips into my walls and ceiling to repair some pipes. I already can feel the pain in my wallet. This won't be cheap plus there is nothing I can do about it. Need to get it fixed and the sooner the better.

The worst part is that I was looking forward to getting new furniture for the living room. That may not be happening for a while now. Unless I get lucky and don't need to sell a vehicle to pay for the plumbing work.

I will have to find some time tomorrow to talk about the Cowboys/Packers game this Sunday. I am expecting a good game with a Cowboys victory. The difference this year from last is that I am not brimming with confidence. The fact the game is in Green Bay is a huge factor because Dallas has never won a game there. I am hoping Tony and Terrell can change that and make some history on Sunday night.

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AletaR said...

I'm still not making any far fetched bets.