Friday, September 19, 2008

Why can't it be Sunday?

In 24 hours I will be on the road to Green Bay to catch all the glory that is the Dallas Cowboys. It should be an interesting and fun weekend. Only downside I see is the game is at night so I need to make sure I don't drink an awful lot during the early football games.

Yesterday I mentioned I am looking for a Dallas victory. I think they are the better team on just about all aspects of the game. But with them playing at Lambeau Field- a location that they have never defeated the Packers in 5 attempts- I am not exactly brimming with confidence like I was last year.

The games in Green Bay haven't really been close for the Cowboys. Except for the Ice Bowl, the Packers have put up at least 28 points in each game. I fully expect them to do it on Sunday as well. Worse yet, the games haven't been close with the Cowboys getting blown out. After Monday night's game, it would appear that the Cowboys are primed for the picking. Coming off of a big game and going into a city where they haven't won would point to them losing. Especially after the Eagles showed the Packers the game plan on how to beat the Cowboys. I would expect them to do the same and attack underneath and then take some shots down field. Jennings is a dangerous weapon and will be a problem for the Cowboys secondary. He will get his receptions. I believe the Cowboys can limit his deep threat to a catch, maybe two. The Packers will put up points. Probably 28 minimum, so the over looks pretty good.

So how do I figure the are going to win? Beside being a fan that is? I think Romo and Owens are the major difference. Romo is the best QB in the NFC. He has a chance to come home and play in front of friends and family. Sure he may be jittery at first but he will shine. I also expect to see more support for him and the Cowboys in the stands that in the past. I look for him to go pass for pass with Rogers.

As for Owens, who on the Packers can cover him? Don't even begin to say Harris. He can't cover him as past games have proven. Woodson? Not with a bad toe. Owens should have another good game.

I should mention one other player that the Packers did not have an answer for. In fact, neither did the Eagles. Jason Witten will be going down the middle and is a favorite target of Romo. Toss in Marion the Barbarian and Felix Jones in the backfield and it should be too much for the Packers defense.

As for the Cowboys defense, they are the key to the game. The Packers have the advantage at WRs. Driver, Jennings, and Jones are tough to cover. They will get their yards. The Cowboys defense will need to get a lot of pressure on Rogers to disrupt him. Furthermore they need to keep a linebacker roving to prevent him from running up the field like he did against the Vikes and Lions.

Ware will help in that respect. The matchup with him and Clifton is a great one. I would like to watch footage on that battle. The problem for the Packers though is the inside line. I don't think they have an answer for Jay Ratliff or Tank Johnson. They won't get the push they need up front. On the end end, Canty or Ellis provide good pressure. I expect to see Rogers running around and hopefully, getting sacked.

As for the Packers running game, it seems to be non-existent. Except for one long run last year, Grant was a non-factor. The Cowboys stopped Westbrook behind the line a number of times last week. They have a better line than the Packers so I would expect more of the same.

End result should be a great game. Lots of scoring and an exciting finish. I am hoping to experience history with a Cowboys win come Sunday night.

I wish it was Sunday. I am at home waiting for the plumbers to fix my leak. It isn't as bad of a problem as I thought but the cost is still high. About what I had expected though that feeling doesn't make me feel any better. I will be happy when it is done. Actually I will be happy when it is done and I have a friend patch up the wall behind the toilet.


AletaR said...

Have a great weekend. We'll miss you, but you'll be in a better place Sunday. I just hope I can convince E to fill your shoes.

OMW said...

I wish someone wou;d come ovr and fix 'my leak'.

Thanks for talking with me tonight.