Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Advice for cold mornings

Mental note: When sleeping with arm sticking out from underneath covers, it is not wise to draw said cold arm back in to scratch or adjust balls. Cold hand on testicles will instantly make you wide awake.

When I was awake at 4:30 this morning, the cat ensure I wouldn't be going back to sleep. It was then that I noticed how cold the air felt in the room. It was probably 40 something outside, maybe a bit less so it would be normal for the air inside the house to cool down. If I had a fireplace it would make for the perfect solution.

An hour later I got out of bed and went to check the thermostat. 60 degrees. Not cold enough to turn on the furnace yet. My philosophy is simple. I don't want to turn it on until at least November. Unfortunately with tenants I may not be able to go with my philosophy. If it gets cold I do need to turn the heat on if only for them.

With the cold come some outdoor chores. I need to mow the lawn one last time. I then need to rake leaves. I may go in such of a blower or vacuum to make it easier for me to get this done this year. Tools that suck and blow are good, right?

Time to stop avoiding work. Before I leave, I direct you to the Blonde's "Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me..." post. That will warm you up on a cold morning.

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