Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The All Oral post

Short on time again today. Long work day ahead with the afternoon being one long presentation. I haven't prepared for this one in the same way I did last time. That shouldn't be a problem as I edited the old presentation for the last 3 weeks. In the end it is mostly bullshitting about what is on the slides. I think I can handle that.

It will be as easy as my trip to the dentist on Monday. Get in, open my mouth and let her scrape away. As I laid on my back with what seemed like both her hand in my mouth with her knee on my jaw, I heard her digging in to scrape tartar off my teeth. I kept wondering if I wasn't brushing well enough to keep my teeth clean. When she was done I even asked if I am doing a crappy job of brushing my teeth. She replied "no" and said the tarter was minimal. That is was mostly staining from coffee. Uh..ok?

She did take a poke at one of my wisdom teeth, asking if the tooth had been bothering me. It hasn't. Until she poked it with the ice pick. Funny how there was no mention of removing them. I would have brought it up but I am not sure how long it takes for the healing process. Last thing I would want is to be careful of what I eat while in New Orleans or Las Vegas.

My cat is now on medication. I have to give him 2 pills a day for what the vet believes is a minor bladder or kidney infection. I just know that the fat little furball drinks a lot of water and pisses up a storm that I need to clean and causing me to spend a lot of money on cat litter. Having been given a lecture from the vet about how cats are like camels and shouldn't be drinking that much water I got the pills this weekend and have been trying to cram them down his throat twice daily. It is such great fun!

This is the first time I have even had to give any animal some kind of pill. The process doesn't seem too hard when you read it on the internet. What that link doesn't mention is how much the cat will move its tongue to prevent that pill from getting in its mouth. Then how it will bolt and spit the pill out. It takes me a couple of attempts to get the pill in the pussy. Wait that doesn't sound right. Try again. It takes a couple of attempts to get the cat to swallow the pill but I have succeeded.

After the cat takes off though I have to follow him to make sure he isn't hiding it in his cheek and spitting it out in a hiding place. Why do I expect to find a shitload of these pills under the bed a year or two out?


pentimento said...

Whenever possible I try to get the medication in liquid form. They come with a dropper. Just slide the dropper in the mouth and squeeze.

J. Gambino said...

Do I have to come over and show you how to handle a pussy cat?

Blonde said...

First things first, I missed you.

Sorry about what my Phils did to your Brewers.

Once you know how to handle that pussy, it gets easier ;). You should ask for meds in liquid and if they don't have it, be sure to hold the cat's mouth shut once pill is in it and rub under chin at same time. This automatically makes the cat swallow. I know my pussy.

I am back and I missed you.