Monday, October 06, 2008

Damn Mondays.

The Packers game wasn't over yet but OMW was. Just like the football being played on TV, OMW had lost. The only blue ribbon was the Pabst he had finished. Even then he took a long look into the bottom of the glass hoping there might be some left. I watched this- even took out my phone to record it as the battery died- and was puzzled. He got to the bar at the same time I did. I even bought him his first beer. I was perplexed as to why he was trashed. I don't think he drank more than anyone else at the table, unless he was doing shots when no one was looking.

It was one of those days. The Pack sucked and the boys were worried about Indy covering the spread. I was just waiting for the Cowboys game to come on and watching the Brewers leave their bats in the clubhouse once again. At least I got a Cowboys victory yesterday mainly because you don't lose on style points. A win is a win even when it is ugly.

My friends decided to pull a fast one on me Saturday night. I knew of the party but wasn't aware that they altered it into a birthday party for me. I knew something was up when Lolita was texting me asking where I was. My plan for the night was to show up mid party. Basically after the Brewers game ended around 8:30. When I got the texts around 8 I figured I should get going. As I drove by the house looking for a place to park, I saw a couple people on the porch. At first I figured they were just smoking but when I walked down the street I counted only one person left. Were they others on watch?

I figured something was up. So I tried to play it a bit coy. I took my time going into the house and decided not to go downstairs right away. I knew they were down in the newly contructed bar area. When Ben gave me a beer I knew I didn't have to rush. Naturally I stopped and started eating some ham rollups. When someone made the comment that I needed to go downstairs NOW!!! I knew the gig was up and went to take my medicine.

I can't complain. One can never complain when their friends go out of their way to do some special for you. It is a good feeling to know they care. I just hope I have/do give back as much as they do. I can't thank you guys and girls enough.

So I had myself a very good weekend. About the only thing that could make it better would be a New Orlean Saints victory tonight. Sorry Drizz but if the Saints win, I win the confidence pool. I need a typical Gus Ferrotte game and for Peterson to trip a lot.


Hey Jo said...

I'm glad that you had a good time on Sat....even if you did just leave without saying goodbye to anyone.

OMW said...

SO there was a party Saturday?!?
What a fuckin' surprise That I didn't know about it.
Same old Story.
Is it any wonder I get so frickin' pisssd when I read all your blogs.
"Hey OMW, read about all the stuff you missed out on/weren't told about"

Blonde said...

Happy Birthday :)