Thursday, October 16, 2008


I took a drive at lunch to my mechanic. Car has some routine maintenance due and with my hectic schedule I figured that a break during the day was a good idea. I dealt with the blue hairs on the freeway barely doing the speed limit in the left lane and got to the garage in good time. I signed the papers for the loaner vehicle and was soon walking out the door.

My loaner was a Ford Focus. I didn't think much of it when I got in. Seemed small. Felt weird driving a vehicle that had no hood on it. Or so it seemed. I was pulling out of the drive when the smell hit me. This car stank. Not that bad but it had a definite funk. A funk that I couldn't get out of my nose or mind. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode. I was praying it wasn't beyond B.O.

I thought other thoughts so I wouldn't focus on the smell. Anything to keep my mind off the smell. Didn't matter that I had rolled down the windows, the funk stayed.

I would have paid big bucks to have the funk be George Clinton funk and not stanky funk.

As I drove I felt embarrassed about the car I was driving. It wasn't me. I wholly believe you should drive a vehicle that you love and are comfortable with. Going from a Mustang to a Focus is not me. I found myself looking away so no one could see me in this vehicle. Hey, if you drive a Focus and love it, power to you. It just is not the car for me.

I survived the drive back as well as the drive home. I took a whiff of my shirt as I took it off to make sure the B.O. wasn't B.B.O. So far it doesn't seem to have lingered.

So far.

Now I am at home and feeling happy that work is getting back to some normalcy. I realize I am just in the eye of the storm but I will take it. I have nothing more to do but play poker and drink beer. Right now I am enjoying an Arrogant Bastard Ale. How can you not like a beer that has a label like this?

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