Friday, October 17, 2008

Two shots please

I got a head cold. I felt it coming on when I woke up yesterday. I felt it gain steam during the day and I feel it today. It isn't hitting me hard because I started the cure yesterday.

Once again I proclaim I have the cure for the common cold.

I started the remedy yesterday. Two shots of Maker's Mark before I went to bed. One shot first thing this morning. After I choke down the shot this morning I chuckled to myself "Smooooth".

So far today it has been a lot of sneezing. All tissues are gone and I am down to napkins. I am tempted to steal the box of Kleenex off the girl's desk since she is gone for the week.

Beyond the cold thing I am feeling very distracted today. Very little focus on anything. I am going between projects and not doing very much on any of them. I keep thinking end of day when I can go home and relax. I would leave early but I have another late meeting today. Still do not understand the concept of a late meeting on a Friday. Damn west coast workers.


goooooood girl said...

So good......

Anonymous said...

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