Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cat wrestler

I am thinking of listing my occupation as "Cat Wrestler" on my tax return. That is if I don't quit.
The last couple days have been tough on me. The cat is winning. He is on to me. He knows when the pill is coming and he is fight back. He is wiggling a lot and thrashing about. He does not like taking this pill. Only 3 more days left but this has gotten tougher as time has gone on.

I guess next time I get the liquid instead of a pill. My vet said a pill was better so I went with it. Plus I figured I was up to the challenge. How hard could this be? It must get easier the more you do it. Wow, was I wrong. All I have is a cat that gives me an uneasy look in the morning. I get that same look when I get home. Maybe some day he will forgive and forget.

Some of my favorite reality shows are back on the air. The Amazing Race may be at the top of the list. Some interesting couples in the race this time around but none that I want to see win yet. I know I don't like the whiny dude with the skinny NY chick. When he moaned about how his girlfriend should spend time talking to him instead of meeting the others I knew I didn't want that douchebag to win.

Speaking of douchebags, the most douchey of them all may be on the UFC's Ultimate Fighter. This guy must be bi-polar as he gets drunk, tough, apologetic, tough, and then cries in each episode. Last show he cried because a buddy of his lost the match. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who wants to see him get his ass kicked.

Finally, what may be the best show on TV is back. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Can you get a bigger group of rats together? Just when you think they cannot find a new low they do. Oh, and if you are not watching Skins on BBC America you are missing a fantastic show. Any show that needs subtitles for Brits scores high to me.

Am I the only one that finds the Brooke Shields' Volkswagen commercials hilarious?

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OMW said...

yes...yes you are.