Saturday, October 25, 2008

Does he know?

I just wanted a cruller. Just one cruller but the store was out. How can you be out of crullers in Milwaukee??? It was the third time that I have been at the store early and ran into a cruller-less bakery section.

The reason I was at the store early was to get the fixin's for New England Farmhouse Stew I was going to make. My friend Gambino brought this package of beans back with the recipe so I figured with the temperature dropping outside this would be a good dish to make. I just needed some onion, celery, green pepper, chicken, kielbasa, and a hamhock.

Yeah, they didn't have any fresh kielbasa in the store either. Finally, there was no hamhock. I'll admit I have no clue what a hamhock was before looking it up. Apparently the store doesn't either so I substituted ham instead.

Now I have this big pot of soup- er stew- on my stove. It is good. I was afraid it may be bland but it turned out very good. Guess I will be eating that most of this week. I wouldn't be if they had crullers!

As I type this I am hiding from the trick-or-treaters. I have no candy to give. I have a reason for this as well. I thought it was next weekend. Honestly. But they also don't bother to come up all the steps to the house so I end up with a lot of candy left over. So instead I get the brats nothing!

I am off to a party for a friend. I wonder if OMW got the word? I hope so. I don't want to hear him bitching about not being told about another party.


AletaR said...

Isn't trick or treat today? Sunday from 1-4 is what I read. Better get out of the house as a constant doorbell or pounding on the door is not good with a hangover.

OMW said...

NO, I didn;t hear about 'said' party.
WOW what a surprise!!!!