Monday, October 27, 2008

Chock full of crazy!

One of the best shows on TV is back. Back with a new cast of screw ups. Back with more crazy than you can shake a stick at. Back with more laughs that you thought possible.

It might be my new favorite comedy show. I am talking about Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab on Vh1. Celebrity Rehab kicked of its second season with a bang by introducing us to the batshit craziness that is Gary Busey. One of the first things they do when you arrive at rehab is check for any drugs or medications that you may be trying to smuggle in. They go through everyone’s bags. It looked like Busey had 2 bags carried into the facility. The inspection of a brief case showed he had a bunch of crap in there. I literally had to stop and rewind to check out what was in the briefcase. It looked like lots of assorted change (quarters, dimes, etc.), 3 yellow highlighters, I think a deck of cards, and some lip balm. These are essential personal items to Gary Busey? This dude is nuts!

But it got better. Busey explains to the camera that he is there to help other people. He has no clue he is a patient. His claims of being sober for the last 13 years fall on deaf ears. He seems to not include the pot he smokes daily nor the narcotics he brought with him in his sobriety count. It is fantastic when he introduces himself to Tawny Kittaen and mentions how he is there “to be a mentor, a monitor, to help others”. Later he would explain how he is writing a book called Buseyisms. The looks from the others are priceless. They look at Busey and get this realization that no matter how fucked up they are, they are not as fucked up and delusional as Gary Busey.

Ex Guns n Roses drummer Steven Adler is a piece of work as well. This guy barely knows what day it is. He arrives via an ambulance because they had to put him in another facility just to get him ready for this show.

The rest are messed up in their own way. Especially Rodney King who is shown doing a lot of puking. I wish he would have answered Dr. Drew’s question about how many drinks he has every day. I am thinking it is over 20 beers.

The other highlight of the episode is the responses people give when they figure out who people are. For example, one model hears that Steven Adler got kicked out of GnR because of the drugs. Her response is something like “He got kicked out of Guns because of too many drugs??? SWEET!!!” Later, Rod Stewart’s kid would say the same thing about Jeff Conaway’s binge before coming back to rehab.

And what is a good reality show without a teaser for the next episode? They closed episode one with Busey introducing himself to the group as if he is there working. They hold him back and speak with him to clear the issue. He tells them if he is there as a patient then he cannot do the show. He is 13 years sober and damnit, he don’t need rehab!

Go check your TV schedule people. I guarantee you will laugh your ass off watching this show.

Not as funny was the Dallas Cowboys performance yesterday. Sure it was a win but it was painful. Johnson looked pathetic throwing the ball. If it wasn’t for Barber running and the defense stepping up, the season would be over. Next week could be brutal. The Giants will smell blood and want to get theirs.

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Hey Jo said...

This has got to be one of the funniest yet saddest shows on TV. I'm just wondering how long it is before someone pops Gary Busey in the mouth to shut him up. All those stupid acronyms. ARRGH!!

I also thought that I heard Dr. Drew say that Steven Adler had a stroke from all the drugs. Did I hear that right?