Saturday, October 11, 2008

Home to the bottle

Did people not look at my work agreement? I could sweat it clearly states that I do not work late on a Friday. Never!

Sons of bitches had me slaving away getting things done until the sun went down. Not right. It is no wonder that I got home and grabbed the bottle. Makers and ginger brought me in from the ledge. I am suppose to be working right now as well. All plugged in to the network from home but I am too wound up about other stuff.

Like the bit of drama at the bar last night. I need to do a post about the place again. Things have changed slightly with new people running the place. I get the feeling that is about all that is going to happen. Slight changes. That is good for me as long as they don't fire certain bartenders. Even when I spent 30 bucks on shots last night it didn't feel right. It has been over a year since they took money from me.

But things may change. Last night one of the bartenders got into it with the barback. The kid was brought on by the new people. I thought he was the cook since all I have seen him do is stand in the kitchen shoving fish and fries into his piehole. Last night he apparently invited all of his friends into the bar. Lots of young people showed up and the bartender promptly carded them all. Barback boy didn't like it. He felt insulted. The guy is only 21 and he is getting insulted? Doesn't matter that she could issued a heavy fine for serving under age patrons, they are his friends. She didn't care about the lip he was giving until he accused her of giving us free drinks. Normally I wouldn't care because I am usually getting free drinks, but I had lost a couple rounds of bar dice (couldn't get an ace to save my life!!!) and was out 30 bucks.

The good thing is this bartender sucks. She shouldn't be working behind a bar to begin with. So if she left I wouldn't care. Maybe my people could take her shift and I would still have some cash left.

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