Monday, October 13, 2008

A reward

Work has been a bitch lately. But it is to be expected so it isn't that bad. It can be draining but I can't complain. In fact, I won't complain. Others have to deal with a lot worse than I do on a daily basis. Working long hours is nothing to them so I will keep my mouth shut.

Plus it doesn't hurt when you walk out of the office with these:

As you can deduce, I will sleep well. My only worry is that the big bottles can be nice neighbors to the Tyranenas that have taken up temporary residence on the bottom shelf.

I have already given them a warning. Make me come in to settle a fight and everyone gets drank tonight!

So took the basket and placed it in the dining area. No sooner than I did the cat decided that this could be his new home. Its a tight fit but his fat ass doesn't seem to care.

I had to take it away as he started pawing at the bottom and I thought he was thinking Cat Port O Potty.


AletaR said...

Is that Santa's leg in the upper right hand corner of this picture with Pumpkin?

J. Gambino said...

IT IS Santa's leg! What the hell did you do to Santa?

Blonde said...

I love your pussy. He's a cutie.