Thursday, October 30, 2008

Of course

The last two days have been ball busters at work. But hard work has paid off. Just about that is. I will head in late tomorrow and leave early. If I didn't have a bunch of shit to get done I could have the day off. I will settle for sleeping in and leaving early.

The last two days have seen me spending hours in an editing room. One of the presentations I was involved with a month ago needs to be cleaned up so we can distribute copies to certain people in the company. The AV guys can only do so much and need some direction on what to take out and what they can bleep out.

Watching yourself on TV is a strange experience. Any one who is a bit self conscious begins to go through various thoughts in their head within 10 minutes. Do I sound like that? Do I look that fat? Why does it look like I have no clue about the topic? How boring is this?

I got past that part after 30 minutes. I had something else I noticed I kept doing. Something I I need to correct for the 4 presentations next week.

I am sure you have seen someone get in front of a group to speak who didn't look comfortable. I don't have that problem. I know my shit so I can handle it. When I don't know all of my shit I can get in trouble. Most people will stutter a bit or keep going "Umm" when they try to think about what they will say next. I hate the people that consistently bleet "ummmm!".

No, I don't "umm". I realized today I say "of course". I noticed it this morning and finally made a comment this afternoon. Could I say "of course" at the beginning of a sentence any more than I was? The AV quickly mentioned he noticed that as well. He then went on to say they could create a drinking game based on how many times I said "of course". He wanted to put the text on the screen "of course" with a running count. Wouldn't be long until everyone was blitzed.

I had some fun with it. As we continued to watch and edit the tape, I would say "Ding!" Before long we were laughing too much to get anything done. Like they say in poker, I know of the hole in my game. I will have it corrected by next week.

I hope to get back into a normal schedule next week. But for now I need to enjoy a beer. Cheers!

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