Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cherry wood

I am not a fan of Halloween. My creativity is best suited for areas other than dressing up in some costume. It is a night I generally avoid bars as most people don't believe I am wearing a costume. I tell them I am a drunk at the bar and they look at me like I am crazy. Hey don't criticize me and my costume. It is better than going as the Visible Man. I had to retire that one years ago.

My Friday didn't go as planned. Instead of getting hours early I was leaving work minutes early. That bit the big one. I had to get some cat food so a stop by the vet was on the schedule. I thought I was going to get yelled at by a one legged man because I opened a door for him. When I offered to open a second door he told me sharply that he has been doing this for 13 years and can handle it just fine. Dude it was just a nice gesture. I thought of kicking his dog as he went by because I knew I could outrun him.

When I left the vet's office I decided I need a beer. But where to go? I thought of some places by the airport but then realized they were out of the way. I was in the general neighborhood of Loleta and thought of stopping by her and Barney's house but decide against it. I ended up at the normal dive, Big Momma's House. I really should do an update on the place as their has been some changes. Maybe later.

I noticed Ben's truck in front. (Hmm... should I be mentioning that I ran into Ben at the bar? I don't know if his old lady is aware he was out imbibing). As I walked into Big Momma I observed all the crap they had out for their Halloween party that night. Lots of blow up things waving around. I also heard the guitar squealing from the door. They had a band playing that night. What I didn't know was it was a heavy metal band. And sweet Lord was it loud! \m/

That is the problem. The bar is not set up to accommodate a band. Too small. Way too small. Every time the bass player would hit notes you could feel it on your legs. The vibrations were pretty noticeable. When the entire band played you could not hold a conversation. It was going to be near impossible for bartenders to hear drink orders when they played.

I had my fill and took off a couple hours later. I thought of stopping by Romans for a couple of beers but those would have sent me over the edge. Last thing I was to do was have to walk to get my car on a Saturday morning. Now that I look at the beer menu, I wish I would have stopped in.

When I got home I took a look in the refrigerator and decided it was time to open the New Glarus Belgian Red. I haven't had this brew yet even though I have seen the bottles for the past couple of years. They usually go for 7-8 bucks for a bottle that contains 25 ounces. When I can get a 6 pack of their other beers for the same price I will usually go with quantity over quality. But since this came in my beer basket I was more than happy to finally enjoy it.

I opened the bottle and poured it into a pint glass. I took a deep sniff of the beer to check its aroma. Smelled good. I took a drink and and smiled. I think I got wood as well. The Belgian Red was damn good. Smooth, tart, full of cherry flavor. I started drinking more, savoring every sip. I could easily see drinking this brew after a nice meal. One bottle can easily serve two people. I must say as I got to the end the sweetness did seem a bit overpowering but it still hit the spot.

Guess I should go rake some leaves now.


AletaR said...

You should have stopped over. Barney was outside pounding wood and I was inside bored.

J. Gambino said...

What do you mean Ben was at the bar?!

StB said...

Did I say Ben??? I meant Len. Totally different person.

AletaR said...

Yeah. Covering up for your drinking buddies. Maybe you could star in the next Miller commercial.