Monday, November 03, 2008

Donut anyone?

It was a typical Sunday night for me. Came home from watching football all day. Tried to do some prep work for the presentation I am giving on Tuesday and Wednesday, watched TV and crashed after Entourage. I then was wide awake at 12:14 am.

I did learn a lesson. It is better to do the prep work before a day of drinking, not after.

I tossed and turned all night. Tried to watch TV to bore me to sleep. All I got was the second half of the Lucy Show with Don Rickles as the special guest. Then some stupid show about an African animal sanctuary (Dakartia??) where some African tribal leader stared down a leopard.

I did have one weird dream in between the restlessness. I had gone to the store to pick some stuff up. One of the items I had purchased was a box of donuts. 10 donuts of different varieties. I wonder why it was a dozen donuts?

Anyways, I had forgotten about the donuts and while getting dressed for work I noticed the box. The donuts were 3 days old now but seemed perfectly fresh. I touched them to see if they had gotten hard and stale but they hadn't. I then figured I would take them into to work since they were still good but talked myself out of it. I didn't want to be hassled by my co-workers for bringing in stale bakery. The horror, huh?

I then decided I was going to eat one of the donuts. I took a powdered donut with chocolate creme filling and devoured it. As soon as I was done I felt a bit guilty that I wasn't sharing the donuts with anyone. Then I heard my mom's voice calling me to supper and felt like I was in bigger trouble because I ate a donut before supper.

That is where the dream ended. I then got out of bed to check for any donuts. Hey, I was hungry now.

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