Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I drove by the polling place at 6:25 this morning. With 35 minutes to go before voting would start for the day, a small group of people were milling about. I wondered why anyone would need to be at a polling place 35 minutes before it opened. I got my answer when a woman at work proudly announced she was at her polling place at 6:15 and was had already voted. I guess some people need to feel good about being one of the first no matter how trivial it is.

Not that voting is trivial. It may be to some that are so cynical about the world but even they are voting by not voting. Whether you vote in the morning or evening, all that matters is you are happy with your decision.

There are two interesting referendums in Milwaukee. I don't have the time to get the language but this is what they roughly are.

One is to make all companies institute mandatory sick leave for employees. All companies in either the city or county (not sure which) will have to give all employees 9 sick days no matter what. This idea is patently absurd. Most companies enjoy the flexibility of working with their employees and do not need to be told what to do. Some employees will view these 9 days as vacation and not use them for the intended purpose. The bottom line is it is a law that will make it harder for companies to operate in Milwaukee. If enacted, corporations will leave. Be smart, VOTE NO.

The other is whether to institute a 1% sales tax on most goods to cover the costs of mass transit, parks and EMS. The County Board (Milwaukee) claims they will lower property taxes by $67 million giving the average home owner a savings of around $170. The funny thing here is they expect the tax revenue to be around $130 million. But we the tax payer are getting only $67? That is way too fishy. Plus the referendum is worded that they MAY lower taxes. There is no guarantee they will and with the spending they like to do, it is highly likely property taxes will be lower. VOTE NO!

I would love to talk about the awesome center cut pork loin roast I made on the rotisserie was but I have a meeting to get to.

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AletaR said...

9 paid sick days is exactly as you state. Vote No. Most companies will then mess with other benefits you have. We have 5 which is plenty.