Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dopey kid

This morning I signed up to give blood next month. I went through the website and found a time slot early in the day. After clicking through it sent me an email confirming the appointment, etc. In the email was a picture of a kid and the words "Meet Cameron". I looked at it and had two thoughts. Who is this dopey looking kid in the email and can I cancel my appointment if this dopey looking kid gets my blood? Seriously, this kid looks like he slightly bright than the Beaver from Leave it to Beaver. The Beaver had to be absolutely the stupidest kid on television. But I digress. I figured maybe some of my 80 proof blood might knock some sense into this dopey looking kid so I kept the appointment.

It has really hit me now. I am going on vacation. Sure I have a shitload of work to get done before I go but just knowing I am out for a week makes me happy. I have found a bar in New Orleans to catch the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The place is called Cooter Browns. I don't know if it the name of the place (say it...Cooter!), the fact the Cowboys game will be on, or the beer selection (they claim 400 beers!) that makes me want to go there. Ok, it is the name. Cooter! Cooter, cooter, cooter! Now try and get that unstuck from your head as you head into a meeting with your boss. You know you will let a cooter slip out somewhere.

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Drizztdj said...

Highly suggest the Corsendonk.

Never had a bad one and it ups your donkey factor by 11!