Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A drinking playground

I survived my weekend in New Orleans. Had a great weekend checking out the city and capped it with a good football game on Monday night. Well good if you are not a Packers fan. Drank all kinds of beer, listened to some good jazz, saw all kinds of people, ate new foods including seafood- not my favorite but this wasn't bad. I can now check off New Orleans as a place I have never been. I now must put it on the list of places to go back to.

Bourbon Street lives up to the expectations as a drinking playground. Drunk people having a good time as they wobble around the streets. My kind of place.

Speaking of wobble, maybe one of the funniest signs I saw was at a little chocolate shop we stopped into. They had chocolate turkeys on display with a sign saying "Gobble til you wobble!" I guess you could do that with chocolate but I my mind went onto a different train of thought. I will have to see if that is a viable line to use at the bar tomorrow night.

Pics and stories tomorrow. One quick questions in the meantime...why is there a clown on the hotel's door knockers?


AletaR said...

Were the clowns on all the doors or just yours?
Glad to hear you had a good time.
Sorry about the mess we left in the Showtime BBQ. Wanted to clean it up but the cops made us leave.

OMW said...

You went to New Orleans??!!??
Thanks for inviting me!!!!!
I thought we were friends!!!!

J. Gambino said...

So, you are keeping your couch in that same place right?

Dr. Pauly said...

Waiting for pics and stories....