Monday, November 17, 2008

A good size poking stick would have been handy

It was just pass 1 am Sunday morning when I noticed my friend face down on the floor. The effects of guzzling down beer, rum and cokes, and some nasty concoction called "apple pie" had taken its effect. Any time someone brews up a batch of booze where the main ingredient is grain alcohol- yep, Everclear!- they won't be long for the day. I was slightly impressed he made it as long as he did.

But it put me in a dilemma. I looked at him kissing the carpet and had to decide what to do. Do I fold the next couple of hands or continue to play poker? I couldn't fold now so I gave him 10 minutes. Either he wouldn't be moving and I would need to turn him over or I would bust out of the poker game and then tend to him. Hey, I was up in the game, I couldn't leave at that time.

After 5 minutes he moved, lifted himself up and got back in the chair. He muttered something that I translated to "How are we doing? We up?". I gave him the affirmative that we were doing good. He decided that meant he should go lay down on the couch. 5 minutes later he was snoring. That was my queue to get out of there. I was tired after an 11 hour binge that started with people calling me up and saying "Hey, we need your help!" "Help" was me bringing over a second bottle of Everclear for that nasty pie drink.

I only slept about 6 hours on Saturday night. I was wide awake at 8 am on Sunday. Tired as hell but awake. I tried to get the energy to go to the store but failed. I had no coffee so it was hard to build up any momentum. I laid on the couch hoping to get some more sleep but that didn't happen. Might as well clean up and go watch football.

I would get my sleep later as I bailed out of the bar after the Packers game. Went home and slept for an hour. It was just what I needed to stay awake for the Cowboys game. It was good to see them get back on the winning track. The Cowboys didn't look fantastic as they consistently shot themselves in the foot with either turnovers or penalties but they did move the ball well at times. Especially in the end. Got the go ahead touchdown and the defense forced a turnover on downs. Marion Barber then literally marched Dallas down the field to eat up the remaining 5 minutes on the clock. That was something I haven't seen from a Cowboys team in years. Usually it is 3 and out and nail biting time as the defense comes on the field with the bend-but-don't-break strategy. Now the Cowboys just need to keep it going with two winnable games at home.

Now I can focus on getting my stuff together for New Orleans. Can anyone fill me in on the weather? Will I need shorts down there or should I just pack jeans?

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