Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leaf me alone

I am sitting here at work staring out the window at the cold, blustery day. It is gray outside, with barren trees on the landscape. The wind is blowing the leaves around into hapless piles here and there. I thought about the raking I still have to get done. If I do some raking this afternoon, there is a good probability it gets blown back onto my yard, thus accomplishing nothing but freezing my butt off.

I think I got my answer. As I drove down the street I saw a guy pulling a tarp full of leaves to the curb. He did not look comfortably warm or happy. I don't want to be that guy. I think I will skip the leaves until another time.

I am trying to get stuff done so I can respond to the potential clusterfuck next week. Still hard to get my head around the thought that I will be in New Orleans at this time next week, most likely waking up with a slight hangover. I am beginning to warm up to the vacation. I need it. The only thing going right now is the Def Leppard I have blasting from the speakers. Songs from the Sparkle Lounge for those keeping score at home.

The work I have to get done is mostly maintenance stuff. Rearranging items on a system. It is tedious and time consuming. But I am the only one who understands what it going on. Worse yet, this isn't even suppose to be my task. To think I took it easy last night just to be at work on a Saturday. At least I have a vacation to look forward to.

Oh who am I kidding. I will spend more time looking up shit to do in NO instead of work.

Other thought that just popped in my head. I never talk specifics about what I do for a living. I need to keep it clean in case THE MAN at work would step in and stop me. It got me to thinking, I would be willing to be that most of my friends have no clue what I do for a living. They may be able to give the industry I am in, but not what it is I do. I would bet none could tell me what my job title is. Most probably don't know who I work for.

If asked, I tell people I work for Miller Brewing. Marketing observationist.

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AletaR said...

You are a survey contestant for Milwaukee liqour stores, radio stations and taverns. Right??