Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just another day

How is it when one candidate is promising to lower your federal income tax that people actually vote to raise the sales tax? It makes little sense. Furthermore, a number of people that may have voted for the increase in the sales tax may be renters. They get no benefit; they pay more. Property owners still may get no benefit. Whatever amount your property taxes were suppose to go down will simply be replaced by rising costs somewhere else, most like the school system. In the end, you will continue to watch that bill go up.

The election is over and people made their choice be known. I don't agree with it but life moves on. There is no "change" in the air. Just the sun. But if it makes people feel better to think something is going to change for the better then I don't mind. I will adapt to whatever life deals me. No bitching or moaning except for the paragraph above. I will save the thought of pending economic calamity until another day. Raising taxes + unions + trade barriers = higher prices, fewer jobs, and less money for you to spend.

My presentations went well yesterday. Feedback was good even though people looked bored out of their skull. I did what I could to lighten things up. I was glad nothing dramatic happened. By that I mean I didn't have to excuse myself in the middle of the presentation.

That just about happened to me once. Midway through I could feel my stomach rumbling. I made it to the end before making a dash to the restroom. Yesterday I planned it out a bit better. I ate early and tried not to drink too much water before the show started. About a half hour before I had to present I felt my stomach rumbling. At that point I wished I hadn't eaten the Mexican food for lunch. I was happy this happened 30 minutes before the meeting not 30 minutes in. I will need to take the same precautions today. Skip the salad bar and grab some pizza.

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