Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Like wading through the mud

That is how things have been lately. Like I am wading through the mud, getting no where fast. Work hard but little seems to be done. I feel like I wake up, go to work, eat, and go to sleep. Nothing much in between.

On the weekend I watch it rain preventing me from raking leaves. Or doing anything with those leaves. I did go out on Sunday to a local store to buy a leaf blower/vacuum. I have a section of my yard that a vacuum would be great for as it pretty much closed off from the street. In the past I have used a huge bucket to move the leave but laziness has taken over and I figure a big toy would help me get those leaves out.

I was told this particular store had these suck and blow machines on sale. But when I got there they were gone. I searched around but not one was to be found. I was tempted to buy a chainsaw because what is more manly than a chainsaw? I didn't though. I just sat back and watched the people walk about for a bit. I then wondered why this place had furniture for sale in it. Maybe I could buy my new couch and chair there. I would save a lot of money. Sure it would look like shit but I would save some big bucks.

No, I won't be buying my furniture there. I am still looking around but will have to wait until after my trip to New Orleans. If I don't spend all of my money on booze down there then I can get a new couch.

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