Monday, November 10, 2008

Take my phone away

I think I had a littel too much to drink yesterday. I spent most of the night trying to stay awake and watch Entourage. I failed. I just need to remember to record it.

I also made one of those phone calls that ended in a huge train wreck. As I was leaving a message I screwed it up. It got worse from there. It was at that point that I was too drunk to operate a telephone. Not too good. So I made it worse by trying to leave a second message that may have been worse that the first. Bad. Very bad. Remember kids, don't let drunks leave messages after a day of drinking.

After watching the Preakness video, I couldn't help but notice how many more insane videos there are involving the inside track at the race. This one had me laughing out loud for a while.

Never a good sign when you wish the day was over and it is only 9:30. I also noticed a pile of drink chips laying by my car keys this morning. I had forgotten about the cornhole games last night at the bar. Me and Ryan went undefeated collecting drinks along the way. I may be drinking for free next Sunday with the stash I have amassed.


J. Gambino said...

You should have learned the lesson from Lolita and I regarding drunk dialing.

I'll be sitting by you next Sunday friend...

AletaR said...

I'll be sitting on the other side of you. Gambino and I will be using the 12 step program on you. Step # 1- give us your phone and hope to God we don't get drunk.