Thursday, December 18, 2008

Death around me

Yesterday I received the news that one of my tenants passed away while I was in Vegas this past weekend. The head of the household wasn't feeling well and may have taken too much of the medication and passed away in his sleep. Another good person gone.

I feel for this family, especially the widow. I know I have bitched about them paying the rent late but I knew that he would keep his word and make sure it was paid. He was a good guy who was always willing to talk about the Brewers or pick my brain about the Cowboys or Packers. Hard to believe he is gone.

I am not sure what they are going to do upstairs. The widow expressed to me last night that she does not want to move, that they like it there. I am not a cold hearted bastard (though some women may disagree) and told her not to worry, I am not going to kick them out. I can be lenient and in their time of need that is exactly the thing to do. It may mean I don't see the rent coming in by month's end but I can get by. I just hope they can. It will be interesting to see if the kids up there can step up to the plate and be responsible. I am hoping my picture of them being selfish kids, spending their money while living under the parents roof is wrong.

I had some other thoughts that weren't financial. Like the thought of how deaths usually run in 3s. With this being #2, I dread to think who may be next. My mother's health isn't the best. My grandmother is old. There could be a number of people around me that could drop next. I will work hard to not think about it. Maybe I will get lucky and it stops at 2.

I then found myself wondering if I may have a ghost in the upper unit in the near future. I guess watching Ghost Hunters last night fueled that fire. Feels weird knowing that someone died a floor above me in my duplex. Now if I hear footsteps coming from above when I know they are not home I may freak out.

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