Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good luck gone

I was bored as I walked through the grocery store last night. I just wanted to get some stuff to last me the week and get out. I also had to get some Christmas cards, a gift card, and hopefully find something in the liquor store that would look gifty. I succeeded in everything but the last one. Something is wrong when a liquor store does not inspire or put joy in my heart. I ended up leaving the store with a bag full of beef and pork products and Shoebox greeting cards. No wine, no booze.

And I just about lost the Christmas and gift cards. When I got home I realized I left the bag with the cards in the cart. After a minute of cussing myself out for losing the bag, I decided to give the store a call. What could it hurt to call and see if someone found it and turned it in?

Luck was on my side as the cart boy did just that. I called and spoke to someone who said they just received something and asked if I could identify the contents. I told her it was two cards and a gift card. She then asked if I could identify the two cards. You have got to be shitting me! I just looked at a bunch of cards to make a decision and now you want me to tell you which ones I got? I racked my brain and told her one of them because the cranky old lady on the card reminded me of my mother. Yeah, that isn’t nice so sue me! I had no clue what the other was and was happy she said to stop on in and claim them.

Now that I had my good luck used up, I came home to find out my DVR is on the blink. It doesn’t want to play any of the shows I had recorded. It would stall and then reboot. I called the cable company and explained the problem. They had me do the old unplug-the-unit-and-wait-20-seconds-and-plug-ut-back-in routine. I did and it worked. Until I hung up. I tried again 30 minutes later and it didn’t want to play again. I may have to take the box into the store and swap it out. I will no longer be able to watch the Cowboys thumping of the Packers from earlier this year.

And just to make sure I used up my luck I had a fun little incident on the freeway this morning. The couple of inches of snow slowed things down a lot this morning. Traffic was moving around 40 mph so it wasn’t too bad. I just wish people would realize that SLOWER TRAFFIC NEEDS TO KEEP RIGHT. If you want to be careful and cautious, please do so in the right lane. You petering down the highway doing 25 mph in the left lane doesn’t not make you a good driver, it makes you a traffic hazard. Get in the right lane already. If I am passing you on the right side of your car, you are in the wrong lane. It is that simple.

Any ways, I am close to my exit, about two miles from work, when I get an eyelash in my eye. It is like I am being constantly poked by a needle. I can hardly see out of either eye because of the pain and yet I am driving down a snow covered road at 45 mph. There is no place for me to pull over as the snow is covering the shoulders. I have to gut it out and get to the safety of my work parking spot. Good thing traffic was light that part of the drive was a bitch.

I can’t help but wonder what will happen next. I think I will go home, shovel, and stay inside the house with a bottle of Makers Mark. That way nothing could go wrong, right?

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AletaR said...

good thing your contents of your cart were not found by either Ben or I. Oh wait, it wasn't diet coke left in the cart.