Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Slip slide and away

On a normal day, I would have expected to hear from HR by now. But because few people are working today, I guess no one heard me say "FUCK!". I was getting some ice out of the freezer when the tub fell right out and on the floor, dumping most of the ice onto the carpet. I couldn't help but show my unhappiness with a nice f-bomb. It was after the outburst that I thought, "Oops, that was rather loud." I cleaned up the ice and went on my way wondering if I would be getting a call for foul language. Guess not.

I am watching it snow some more right now. After about 5 inches yesterday I should be greeted with at least 4 more by the time I get home. Worst part is that the same morons who were driving at 25 mph on the freeway yesterday will be back on the road today slowing me down. As I said yesterday, I don't care if you are being careful. Just do so in the right lane. Let me and my superior driving skills get on by.

Sure I have four wheel drive but I do not that power for evil. I do not zoom in and out of traffic making constant lane changes. I am just a better driver than you. I know my vehicle and I am constantly watching everything around me. Unlike the moron in the Toyota Corolla in front of me yesterday who was too busy worrying about the vehicle behind him, I was looking 5 cars in front of him and in all lanes. You can't do anything about people behind you no matter how many times you touch your brakes. If you don't like it, stay off the freeway.

I love driving in this weather. A little sliding here and there. A little power boost through the snow as if you are in a tractor pull. This shit is fun!

I will have the opportunity for fun tonight as I make my way out into the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. Doing the family thing as my sister's house. It seems weird to be celebrating Christmas on Christmas. This hasn't happened for a couple of years. But don't worry people, I will still be at the bar later tonight. All I can say is you better be there as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Merry Christmas!