Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I could use a bender

I only had to deal with a couple assholes at work yesterday. Took a lot of restraint to not lay into the annoying fat chick who had to speak up and antagonize me. She took great pride in her 6-10 Packers beating a Lions team. Whoo hoo! I ignored her for most of the day then laid into her. Not enough to make her cry to enough to get her angry enough where she will never talk to me. I have found Nirvana.

Not sure why I am sitting at work today. There is very little that needs to be done. I tried to get the boss to let me use my last vacation days but he refused. Said I had too many days off already. Whatever. I will get out of here early and make it a 5 day weekend. Can you say bender?

Money for property taxes was zipped out of my checking account this morning. All that money gone and I get little back in terms of services from the city. I should consider moving just to ease the tax burden but then I would have to move away from friends and bars. Money saved in taxes could end up being money spent on lawyers and drunk driving. The savings does not add up.

Again, wondering why I am at work. I may do something silly and clean my desk up.

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J. Gambino said...

Cleaning your desk is a good thing to do before the year ends. I myself am doing it so I won't have too much to pack when I get let go in January