Monday, December 29, 2008

One crappy weekend

This weekend sucked. Very little seemed to go right. A quick walk down memory lane before I have that part of my brain removed. I may have to play with the Twitter thing on the side. I finally broke down and signed up since all the cool kids are on it. Look me up: S_t_B

Friday: Went to work and stayed awake for 7 hours. Thought I could leave at 1 but had to stay until 3. Went home, worked out and fell asleep. Awake at 11 and realize I missed calls to go out.

Saturday: Pay property taxes. Feel angry about how tax assessment went up but property value has fallen. Feel like I am handing money over to a city that will waste it away. Argue with friends about where to go watch Wisconsin Badger bowl game. One of them gets in pissy mood and doesn't talk during the entire game. Badgers get their ass handed to them by FSU. Go to friends for UFC fights. I get my ass handed to me in Wii boxing. By 10 yeard old girl. All my picks in the UFC fights lose. All get KO'd.

Sunday: Play Wii boxing for hour with intent that someday I will have rematch against the 10 year old. Feel pain from playing game hours later. I do win the halftime pool but then blow the money on booze trying to numb myself from the Dallas Cowboys embarrassing performance. Go home and later realize I miss Wisconsin Badger hockey game. Because I didn't watch they win. Sleep for an hour and then am wide awake. Sleep sporadically the rest of the night. Get an hour of sleep and then stay awake for 30 minutes.

Monday: Wake up feeling too tired. Also feel pain from damn boxing game. Get to work and realize I forgot a belt. See I have a project to finish but have no clue what is expected of me. Hope the people on the west coast show up and can give me an explanation. Been at work for an hour and already am bored out of my skull.

Any help on the aforementioned Twitter is helpful. Not sure how to get things going. I may have to ponder what to do for New Years Eve. Not sure I want to hang out at the bar this year. I may have to crash a friend's party. If they will have me. I may bring my cat to get the mice if that helps.


AletaR said...

If we'll have you? Mmmmm, let me ponder that one. Holding at 7

Hey Jo said...

I have been playing around with Twitter for a week now. My cousins use it all the time. Just not user friendly as I would like. I can't seem to ever connect using my phone. I like using Facebook to update my status. That has a nice interface with my BlackBerry.

He wasn't pissy with you or I, he was pissy with the other guy at the table.