Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Leftover pics from New Orleans

Here is the last of the New Orleans pics. Not many because of the digitial camera I have. It is older and bulky, not one of those slim little jobs that you can just carry around easily.

This "thing" was located on the balcony off of our floor. We had no clue what the hell it was suppose to be. Later we were told it was some kind of musical instrument. Funny, I never heard any sound coming out of it. I thought it was some kind of lazer display that went with...

these things in the sky. Same area as the musical thingy but on a poles in the air. No clue what these things were either. A TV antenna gone wrong?

One night as we stumbled back from Bourbon Street, we stopped into a convenience store. It was convenient because they had beer. I saw this staring at me from the cooler and had to get some. Nothing special here, just a brown ale. It wasn't like it had a pecan flavor either. Disappointing.

The claw game at the Coyote Ugly featured a Silver Bullet as a prize! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Just a shot of Bourbon. The old buildings are pretty amazing. Place reminded me of Key West.

Old man river, the Mississippi. Who doesn't want a picture of nothing but water?

While tailgating before the Saints/Packers game in a parking lot a couple of blocks from the Super Dome, one smart person had a pee tent set up. I could do without the window flap as everyone looked in as they walked by. Great idea until....

the wind picks up and it starts to rain. The tent went ass over tea kettle. No idea what happened to the bucket inside. We just main sure we were not down river.

Tailgating in New Orleans takes on a different look, but it isn't that much different than tailgating in Wisconsin. The guys next to us were youth football coaches from South Jackson, Mississippi. They are season ticket holders that drive 2 hours to get to the game. Nice people. They were preparing fresh chicken to deep fry. They did all the work right on the tailgate. Breaded the chicken and tossed right into the oil.

The other pot had red beans and rice cooking. Look at those hamhocks! I didn't snag me any of this food but wished I had. It smelled so good.

Inside the Super Dome. Beer consisted of Coors Light and Bud Light. Sad. Tickets were up in the end zone and actually weren't that bad. You could see everything unfolding on the field. Especially in this game. The Saints had a lot of big plays where the Packer's secondary was no where to be found. You could see spots where if the Saint player could break free, he would be gone.

WTF? Because the team doesn't win they hang banners honoring season ticket holders? How cheesy! No wonder they wore bags over their faces.

Looks like the Pack was going in for the score here. The Dome is a good place to see a game. Can be loud but not deafening. You also feel close to the field which is always nice.

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