Friday, January 16, 2009

Cat diet

My cat is fat. The thing weighs in around 18-20 pounds. The vet put him on a special diet years ago but that basically did nothing. He also said the cat needed more exercise. How do you exercise a cat?* Not like I can toss him on a tread mill and have him trot for 20 minutes.

This week I think I found the way to have the cat lose weight. Run out of food. As mentioned, the cat is a on a special diet. I can only get the food from the vet. I called on Monday and was told it would be there on Friday. Couple that with 11 hour work days this week and I haven't had the time to get him any food. Getting some generic food at the store doesn't work either as I tried that one time and all he did was barf it back up.

I did have some food left so it isn't like he has been starving all week. I just had to ration it out. Today it was officially all gone. Tonight he will be happy again which means he won't be trying to wake me up to feed him every couple of hours. I should be able to get some sleep.

I just noticed that my drinking schedule had become outdated. I tacked on the Super Bowl but have nothing planned beyond that. Quick someone tell me some place to go drink!

This weekend may see me at work either Saturday or Sunday or both. Piles of paperwork that I need to get through, not stuff I could do from home. Of course if I was doing that work right now instead of blogging I may not have to come in.

Hope y'all have a good weekend and rock on with your bad selfs!

*Please no comments about how to exercise a cat. I was told to play with it more and chase it around. Yeah, cats love being chased.


SirFWALGMan said...

If you get a dog that hates cats you can exercise both.. just be sure to give the cat a head start.

AletaR said...

Bring him over here. Mitchell will keep him moving. My question all cat's fart?

J. Gambino said...

Not all cats fart. They will grow out of it.

You can join us in Green Bay for the Superbowl. That would eliminate one of our drunk dials.

OMW said...

'special diet' = 'special food'.

So, you are buying(more expensive?) special food to feed to an animal that will lick its own ass. AFTER using the litter box.

Wanna buy a bridge your cat can play on?