Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold and busy

-9 when I left for work. It doesn't matter to me because the truck started right up and I will be in a comfortable building all day. The bad part of the cold is my sidewalk is a mess. Apparently it only snowed by the lake yesterday which means I have an inch or two of snow being trampled on by those who walk by. That snow won't be clearned any time soon either. Way too cold. To add injury to insult, my tenant decided to drag some large heavy thing down the sidewalk further compacting it down.

I see that Old Style is coming back in its original taste just like Schlitz did last year. the word krausening makes its comeback, huh? Probably will be the same crappy beer that I never liked. There is a reason it was referred to as Mold Pile and Doggy Style. It was a bad beer.

Time to get back to work. It has been an extra tough week. One that may see me coming in on Saturday or possibly even Sunday morning. How am I suppose to master Metallica's Battery on Rock Band 2 if I am spending all of this time working?

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