Sunday, January 25, 2009

I think I am ok

I realized something weird happened this weekend. I couldn't have predicted it would happen. I think I am ok with it too.

I had the opportunity to go out to eat wings and drink beer and passed. Twice.

No, I feel fine. I am not coming down with some illness. I just didn't feel like going out.

Friday was a rough day at work. Ten and a half hours at work on Friday is never a good thing. I was in a bad mood and passed on meeting some friends at BW3s. Instead I went home and drank some Michelob Marzen.

Today I passed on going off to Hooters for wings. The big pot of chili had it talons in me.

Turning down wings and beer is not normal. I have to make sure this does not become some kind of sick trend.

I have spent the day watching various shows that I had on the DVR. As I sat on the couch I realized that by this time next week I will be on some nice new leather furniture. Should be nice. Hoping to work out a deal with OMW to take the old stuff. Willing to let it go for 3 cases of beer. We have a deal??? Can be yours on Friday. Just need a pickup truck to get it to your place.


AletaR said...

I needed help Friday carrying my ill gotten bootie out of BW3's. I was counting on your help.

StB said...

You got some booty at BW3s??? You slut!

AletaR said...

Was the label you put on me in retaliation for the snow in your face??

OMW said...

did you to Mel? she needs furniture.

OMW said...

at least you GET to say no.
I don't even get that chance.
It kinda sucks when I check out your blogs every coup[le of weeks and read about what you guys have been up to.
as long as I stay on my medication...Who Cares!

OMW said...

Add "talk" to the 3rd spot of my first comment.