Monday, January 26, 2009


It didn't seem like much of a weekend. Working on Saturday causes that effect. I think I did not get enough time away from dealing with the procrastinators who do not read nor follow instructions. I will be so happy when the day is over and this reporting period is finished.

So let's go on to something more interesting. I started receiving Playboy just over a year ago. Before that I would pick up a copy at my friends house and page through. Naked chicks are nice but the articles were good too. Especially the Advisor section. It is the first column I read every month. After checking out the women of course. Seriously, guys always check out the women first no matter how much they tell you they are just reading the articles.

There were two letters that cracked me up this month. The first was from the guy who wanted to bang his wife's sister. He noticed there has always been a strong attraction towards her and he is pretty damn confident she feels the same way. So he is asking the Advisor the proper way to be able to bend over his sister in law without pissing off his wife or her husband. Yeah, she is married to.

So to sum it up, this guy wants to get it on with his wife's sister and figures that Playboy Advisor is the place to get his solution and that they will provide the one way to make it ok to do someone other than his wife. How does one think like that? Beside letting the penis do all the thinking that is. A magazine will provide the alibi I need. She has to respected Playboy's advice, right? The Advisor told him to keep it in his pants and keep it as a fantasy. They may have called him a moron too but I don't recall.

The second was from another guy who didn't seem that bright either but it did show the genius of the Playboy Advisor. He wrote in telling the story about how his girlfriend flashed her cootch at him while they were in a store shopping. He didn't know what that meant. The answer from Advisor was great. They told him his girl is a total slut and to be happy with it. Fantastic!

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Yeah, cause those letters are real as the photos.