Friday, January 30, 2009

My kingdom for a donut!

I woke up at 4:30 this morning. Funny part was it didn’t upset me to be awake. I didn’t feel like going back to bed trying to squeak out another hour of sleep. Instead I got up, checked some email and got ready for work.

After being hopped up on caffeine for 3 hours I am in dire need of a donut. At least something to eat. The fruit selection stunk. I have no chips hidden in my desk. And there is nary a baked good to be found.

Fridays can suck just as bad as Mondays sometimes.

It looks to be an interesting weekend ahead. Furniture comes tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers that those horror stories I have read about furniture delivery does include me adding a chapter. I am hoping a quick inspection will show no scratches, tears, or blemishes. My other concern is how long it will take for the pieces to warm up. I assume they will be pretty cold by the time they get plunked down in my living room. Sitting down on cold leather could cause some serious chills.

I should have some help from friends moving the existing furniture into a shed out back. My intent is to still find a home for it but at the very least house it until spring when I can donate to a charity. Best to keep it away from the elements for now.

Later tomorrow I should find myself watching the UFC show. The main event should be a good one. I like Penn as the slight underdog here. Just a feeling.

Sadly I may be wagering on the Steelers on Sunday. I feel this is going to be a blowout. Game over by halftime. It hurts to think the Steelers will be the first team to 6 Super Bowl victories and not my beloved Cowboys.

Thinking I may have to stop at Roman’s Pub before heading to the bar tonight. Nothing better than a nice stout or porter to start a night of drinking on a cold January night.

Hope you all have a good weekend and rock on with your bad selfs.


AletaR said...

Don't forget the alligator shoes when eating the doughnut.

OMW said...

Arizona wins 24-20