Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday thoughts

• I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Not sure why. I didn’t drink that much last night.
• I seem to have the theme song from the Dick Van Dyke show stuck in my head. I wonder why….
• Inside jokes don’t come across well on the internet. See above.
• I studied this girl wearing a half sweater in the lunch room. The sweater basically covered the upper half of her torso. Like it was there just to keep her boobs warm. I have always been a big fan of the sweater on women and I am encouraged by the new design. It gives you the best excuse to look at their boobs and make it seems like you are studying the sweater.
• I just noticed someone ripped the label off of my Oscar Meyer Wienermobile whistle. I am not happy.
• New furniture comes on Saturday. I was told they would call a couple days before the date to confirm a time. Of course I have not received that call. Call has come through. Will be delivered between 10 and 1. That means I will not be going in to work on Saturday.
• Nor has someone contacted me about my existing furniture. Guess I will move it to the shed in the backyard and then call around to see if I can donate to charity. Otherwise it can be yours for 3 cases of beer. That sum is negotiable.
• The more I think of the terrible stimulus plan that Democrats are going to ram down our throats, the angrier I get. Washington doesn’t get it that is has not worked in the past. Doing nothing is a viable option.
• I really wish it was Friday.
• I don’t feel like working right now. I have wasted the last 25 minutes looking for something to read on the internet. Just need to fake it for 3 more hours.
• I should get new pillows for the couch. Is there such a thing as a pillow store?
• Seriously, how messed up are you if you dream of Dick Van Dyke feeling you up? No, it was not my dream.
• I did manage to fall asleep and have a quick dream after hitting the snooze button. I totally remembered it this morning but now it is gone.
• Looks like Night Ranger is playing State Fair this year. Most likely the secondary main stage. A good concert to look forward to this summer.

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AletaR said...

You were probably dreaming about Laura. "Oh Cleve"

You can get pillows at Kohls, Penneys, Target, Boston Store, Sears, KMart, WalMart or The Pottery Barn.