Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Why do the people in our country like to hype current events beyond what they truly are?

It seems that every thing that goes on is “the best ever” or “the most awesome ever” or “most historic”. Vh1 has even gone on to parody this thought process with one of their shows.

I notice it mostly with sports with announcers or fans always willing to proclaim the winning team the best or the series one for the ages. ESPN doesn’t help with proclaiming games as instant classics. The Chicago Bears’ team of 1984 was said to have been the best defense ever. I think the Baltimore Ravens erased that a couple of years ago or at least according to writers at the time. Next month the Steelers defense will become the best ever. It never seems to end.

Same with people hawking t-shirts, hats, posters, etc. for minor accomplishments. Brewers win a wild card spot for the playoffs and there are shirts everywhere. Is a wild card spot really worth bragging about? Yes, you made the playoffs but you haven't won the division.

Today we are told this is the most historic inauguration ever. Wouldn’t the first one have been? You can become the first ever again. Even if it is the first black president he will still have been one of 40, not the first ever.

No matter what Spike Lee says, today is not the most important day in American history. Or how hard the people at NBC or MSNBC supported Obama during the election, I highly doubt any one will be asking "When a new President inspires the nation, one day Americans will ask: where were you when Barack Obama became President?" Can these people be more full of themselves?

These are the same deranged folks that want to call President Bush the worst president ever. Anything to rid the memory of Jimmy Carter I guess. They will never recognize the good job he did. Yes, I said good, not great. He fell short on many items like government spending, but he did a lot good as well. Bush kept the country safe and the economy performed very well during his tenure. Just like Clinton it fell apart in the last year of his term. People will be happy to blame Bush for the policies the Democrats put into place with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac no matter how misplaced that thought is.

I wish Barack Obama all the luck in the world. Politics have to be put aside. Just because I didn’t vote for him doesn’t mean I want him to fail. I want Obama to succeed. If he succeeds, then all of America succeeds as well.

We can all use that.

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OMW said...

WE do not want him to succeed.
If he succeeds in what he REALLY wants to do
we are all screwewd.

By the way. Mel the bartender is looking to buy some furnitutre. She probably nee3ds it more than me.

Well, NOONE NEEDS IT more than mne, but she could probably use some furniture for her new apartment.