Monday, January 19, 2009


I didn't accomplish much yesterday. Besides spending thousands of dollars that is. After buying furniture over the phone on Saturday I had to stop into the store to sign the paperwork and make it official. My laziness paid off and I save even more money. My couch, chair and ottoman will be delivered at the end of the month, just in time for the Super Bowl.

After spending a was on furniture I figured I would stop into the phone store to look around and decide whether to take the plunge. I have been considering an upgrade on my cell phone and was pretty much done doing research. The only way I was going to do anything was to go to a store and play with the phones. In the end I took the dive into the deep end and bought an iPhone. I now have a new toy to play with at the bar when things get boring and I don't want to drink at home.

I guess the ease of use was the deciding factor for me. I wanted something that could do a couple of things. First I didn't want to open up the phone to talk. I was done with the "clam" style phones. Second I wanted internet access. Getting sports score instantly or know what is going on when news breaks had become more of a need. The iPhone gives me what I want. There are some minor drawbacks (no video recording or personal text notifications) but they were not dealer breakers. To an extent, other things made up for it, such as being able to make my own ring tones in iTunes.

So we will see how the iPhone works out. In a couple of weeks I may just make random calls from my new leather furniture.


Mytgod said...

Go to the app store in your phone and get the free app Sportacular. It is appropriately named. Scores, stats, etc. It's my favorite app by far.

StB said...

Already did that! They should preload that baby on the phone.