Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Annoying commercials

I feel like my boss is trying to take every waking hour of my life from me. He has been in a panic for the last 3 weeks. Stress and a feeling of insecurity have gripped him. Sadly he is taking it out on the people that work for him. He is the guy you want to work for until he begins to crumble. Then you have to watch out as his instructions on what needs to be done change and you are prone to guessing what he is looking for. He may go the whole day without speaking to you and then blast you at the end of the day for not contacting him. Oh, he also doesn't like it when you tell him you were busy working all day and didn't have the time to update him on what you were up to. Makes little sense to me but I go with the flow.

Am I the only one who think the H&R Block commercials in "cyclop land" are creepy? It was kinda cute at first but now it needs to go. Guess we have to wait until April for these one eyed things to disappear from our TV screens.

There is a radio commercial playing here that bugs me as well. It is for Perkins restaurant and how you should celebrate the important things in your life with their new menu. Like finishing a puzzle? Yep. That is one of the things their trumpet celebrating with a guy proudly announcing he put the last piece of the puzzle in place. Dude! Get a life! Who the f%#$! celebrates finishing a puzzle? A guy who lives with his mother? But it gets worse. The next thing we hear is a mother happy that her kids went to bed and she has peace and quiet. So she is to celebrate by leaving these kids behind and going to the restaurant for a some key lime pie? What kinds of mother is she? That is the picture I get every time I hear this commercial. They say she should celebrate the piece by going to the restaurant. And because this peace is because the kids aren't awake it makes sense that she would not be taking these kids when she goes for pie. Maybe this is a sting for NBC. They have gone from child predators to mothers who leave their kids at home and go off for sweets.


Hey Jo said...

The worst one is for the lake FM radio station. Who cares what kind of music your fingers play, the music still sucks and sounds like half the stations in Milwaukee.

Drizztdj said...

I want pie.

J. Gambino said...

I am partial to the cell phone commercial with 11 bulldogs named Steve.

Anonymous said...

Anything with Billy Mays, esurance and the disaronno guy make me want to bash my head against the wall