Monday, February 23, 2009

Blabbering Monday

Surprisingly, I heard only one person complain about the snow on Saturday. Ok, so I basically didn’t leave the house except to go outside and shovel snow on Saturday. I became a hermit which was ok with me. Too many Russian Imperial Stouts on Friday night. At 10.8% alcohol those will leave a mark the next day. And they did just that.

When I was able to stay upright without too much of a headache I looked outside to see about 3 inches of snow on the ground. With 5 more expected I knew the best attack was to take it out in two measures. I got dressed and took out the first layer. The snow was of the light and fluffy variety so it wasn’t a burden. The second trip wasn’t as nice. With the wind picking up there were some drifts to contend with. It was at least another 4 inches on the ground with more being blown about. I got an assist from the neighbor who cleared out the driveway for me. Thankfully the snow stopped from there and I would have to worry about the plows coming through later.

For whatever reason I didn’t drink at all on Saturday. I decided that staying in was a better option than going out to the bar and coming home to a drive that had been plowed in. Shoveling plowed snow is one thing. Shoveling snow when plowed is another. I did have beer in the fridge but passed.

What it meant was I would spend time either clearing up the DVR, playing online poker and doing my taxes. I got rid of the Monk episodes I had. It may be time to stop recording that show. It has lost its appeal. When an episode is based on a long lost evil twin that is trying to kill her sibling just because she had a better life, it definitely going to be on the chopping block.

I got through a lot of Curb Your Enthusiasm. If the show wasn’t pretty funny, I would skip it because the characters are pretty annoying. They are all self absorbed and overly sensitive. Yeah, that makes for some funny moments but who really lives like that? Larry David’s wife is a earth loving frigid bitch. Ted Danson is full of himself. I wish they would call Super Dave Osborn Super Dave just once. The one character that is very annoying but acceptable for being so is his best friend’s wife. She is a super bitch. That is what makes her hilarious.

Got caught up with Flight of the Conchords as well. The first song on last Sunday’s episode was too funny. Too many dicks on the dancefloor. Priceless!

The only TV that left me scratching my head was Hell’s Kitchen. There is a really fat guy on the show that doesn’t appear to be that good of a chef. He is not a serious contender (from what we have seen so far) as he hides in the background neither getting praised nor berated. Mark my words, he will not win. He made the grand decision to do this show instead of getting married. His fiancée is as brilliant as he is. They believe he will win this and it will boost their lifestyle. I must check out to see where he works because I am willing to put money on Denny’s.

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