Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Serves her right

Just saw this story on the local rag's website: Police say student texts her way into an arrest. Apparently the student felt she was above the school's rules. She wouldn't comply with the resource officers (school cop?) so they called local police and had her cited for disorderly conduct. Fined $298 and lost her phone.


If she does not want to comply with the school rules they should give her the boot. Glad to see they took her phone too.

Of course I know what will most likely be in the news tomorrow. A story about the girl claiming she did nothing wrong and how her parents think the arrest was unnecessary and the ticket amount excessive. Probably will claim they are going to sue the school.

My parents would have grounded me for weeks. Probably would have met the belt for a couple of minutes and wouldn't be sitting comfortably for a day or two.

What they should do is shame the girl publicly. Put the sandwich board on and stand by the mall for a couple of hours. Don't let her have a phone for years. But instead they will most likely go the victim route. Instead of building her character on what is right and wrong they will allow her to continue this sort of behavior and become a punk for life.

Man I hope I am wrong.


J. Gambino said...

Hilarious! Maybe she did get what she deserved. The "local rag's" current online poll has 86% of us saying "Yes, she deserved to be arrested."

AletaR said...

I would have been soooooo grounded ( I was grounded a lot)