Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Milwaukee is music

What to hear something funny? Of course you do. How about check out my new favorite song. Go to the Steel Panther myspace page. Listen to the power ballad called Community Property. I will say make sure you are not eating or drinking when you listen.

Let's continue talking about music as summer basically in music in Milwaukee. I dare anyone to compare what your city offers and claim it to be better than the Brew City. Let's start with Summerfest, the world's largest music festival. 11 days of music at the lakefront dwarfs any of the weekend festivals such as a Bonnaroo, Langerado or others. Plus it offers music for every ear. It isn't lumped into one genre.

Later in August we have more major music acts show up at the Wisconsin State Fair. I think that is another 11 days of entertainment covering all tastes. It is gotten a bit better as they have moved on from just one main stage act a night to one major act and a minor act elsewhere. Combine it with over 10 other little stages in makeshift bars around the fair grounds and you can find something to listen to.

Let's add in the fact that Milwaukee isn't too far from Alpine Valley and the concerts on the hill. We can also add in Waukesha and two little festivals. Toss in the church festivals around the area and it is pretty hard to go anywhere without a music choice available.

Think of all the beer served and you see why I kinda like it here.

Along the same vein...I found myself listening to the old Iron Maiden disc, A Real Dead One. I probably hadn't pulled this off of my shelf in 5 years.

Damn meeting...this thought will have to wait.

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BamBam said...

Funny you brought up the disc you haven't seen in 5 yrs.

I just dusted off Rust in Peace, a Megadeth CD I thought I'd lost back in 93 or 94.

Oh..... and collect the bucks $1 at a time. Then you can just let me know when I need to get the whole tab.